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Friday, September 11, 2009

Instead of Friday Quotes I'm going to talk about retards and gays

Sorry I didn't write down any quotes this week. Sometimes shit gets hectic and I don't get it done and that's just how it goes. We bought a house and got a new dog and I'm preparing myself for next week when I'm having a nerve removed from my foot and will have nothing to do but sit on my sorry ass and freak out about not being able to play soccer or run or do anything.

I'm a hyper kid.

So instead, I want to talk about a story I heard bits and pieces of on NPR the other day. There was a dad who had a little girl with Down's Syndrome (or something- like I said bits and pieces.) He had written letters to politicians and the FCC and everyone he could think of to try and get "retard" put on the bad list in order to get the word bleeped.

He feels the word is offensive. Yup. We all do.

That's part of why its said to begin with.

The story also talked about the word "gay"and how its used to mean all things lame and stupid. As in, "that guy's chinos are so gay."

They didn't use the word "faggot" in this story but they could have. Or in my opinion an even more valid concern would be the word "girl." As in "Throw like a girl, cry like a girl, act like a girl."

I got in an argument with a friend about these phrases not long ago. His point was that when he says things like "She's acting like such a girl," that its ok because it doesn't really mean anything bad about girls. But I argued that's exactly what it means.

Girls = Bad
Bad at throwing, bad at emotions, bad at being.

And told him if I ever have girls and he says it around them, I'll knock the shit out of him.

Because the thing is, there are so many of those phrases. And the message in them is, girls are shit and you should try not to be what you fundamentally are which is shit.

The girl he was talking about was acting like a spoiled brat. Which has nothing to do with being a girl. It has everything to do with acting like a self-centered snot.

I initially started this post thinking I was going to talk about the futility of getting all in a huff about those words. I was going to say that if you stop calling people mentally retarded and call them intellectually handicapped that eventually the insult will be "IH," or something instead of retard. Language adapts like that. That some of the insult is based in the meaning. And that the other part is based in the word being fun to pronounce.

Like "fuck," and "fat," and "faggot." Or "Douchebag" or "twatwaffle" or "retard." Its about some words sitting in a particular place in your mouth where their exit is imminent and they can be spit particularly far.

But then maybe these folks who get offended about this word or that word have just as much right to their soap box as I do to mine.

Even if they're arguments are gay.


Gina said...

I think all of those words are ok as long as the people or trait referenced no longer exists. Like when girls go extinct, guys can talk smack about us all they want. And when mental retardation ceases to exist, we can once again call the asshole who cuts us off on the highway a retard. And the same goes for gypsies ('gyped') and gay people and cotton pickers and trans-g people ('trannies') etc., etc.

Ok, I'll try to be serious now...

On the one hand, words are just words, right? Trying to be PC all the time is a silly waste of energy. But, that's never really sounded quite right to me. The way I see it, throwing around words without knowing your audience is just careless. And sloppy. It can lead to hurt feelings. Do you want to be the cause of that? I don't.

For now, I shall stick with the wonderful mash-up I learned from you. Fucktart. I like that one.

Lora said...

that guy is fucking retarded.
I love the word retarded.

I love to say things are retarded

I love to say people are retarded

I do not, would never call a real live retard retarded.

That's just mean

Anonymous said...

I like the idea that you find words offensive but in your text see no problem with you beating the shit out of someone. How typical

Anonymous said...

I like the idea that you find words offensive but in your text see no problem with you beating the shit out of someone. How typical

ppp said...

I think you are being a gaytarded girl and over thinking things

Silly Swedish Skier Says So said...

Gina- I'm ok with hurting people's feelings if its for the right reasons. Lora- I read your comment in Chris Rock's voice. It was awesome.
Annonymous- Who are you?
PPP- shut up gutterwhore.