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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Things I'm snotty about:

- using a picture of your kid or your dog or your cat as an avatar. I want to see a picture of you. Sometimes it helps me know who the hell is talking online. I like pictures of other things and I look at them. In albums.

- posting annoying status updates. Writing a status update in all caps never SOLVED ANY CAUSE. ever. There's no one who no longer has cancer and no animal with a new home with updated vaccines because you changed your picture to a cartoon and wrote about it on FB. If you want to help, find an organization/child/pet and donate time and money. And I mean both.

- trends. I tend to like them for 10 minutes but as soon as I see them happening over and over, I hate whatever it is. See snuggies, when fiction writer's main character is a writer, smartphones, blog awards, robot vocals, etc.

- Twilight. I'm sure its very addictive or whatever. I just think you should be ashamed of your addictions. (see also Grey's Anatomy. I am ashamed. Its trash.)

Things I'm NOT snotty about

- What you wear. I probably won't notice. If I do, its because its awesome. Or what you're saying is boring. Just kidding, I won't notice your clothes if you're boring. I'll notice something behind you. I almost never notice clothes. I once had a kid in my class wear the same jeans for weeks, until another teacher brought it up, I didn't notice. The same often goes for facial hair. Unless you've always had a beard, like the whole time I've known you, and you suddenly shave it off. Otherwise, your change from a goatee to a full beard or whatever, I won't know.

- jokes. I really like dumb jokes. If you're trying to be funny and I like you even a little, I'll laugh. I encourage silliness of all sorts.

-skiing. Believe it or not, I'm not snotty about this. If you're out sliding on snow and you're having fun. Great! I don't care if you suck or not, if you love the sport, I want to hug you. Unless you suck about other stuff like throwing cigarette butts on my mountains. That makes me mean. Seriously, when I was like 19, I told a guy off in front of his kids on the mountain. Who the hell throws cigarette butts out here?

-what kind of car you drive. We have an '89 4runner that you can start with a screwdriver and that has its license plates tied on with a strand of carpet that unwound from our old place. I love/hate that car. I don't really like el caminos though. Although now that I think about the meaning of el camino, I think its pretty funny. Ok, not snotty about those anymore either. Unless you drive a gas guzzler, and then I'm all judgy.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Quotes!

"yeah, let's hope i can haul my sorry hernia crotch to the house"

"Anyone have an old punching bag, or a sibling with no nerve endings, that I could borrow?"

"You know its a good tights day when one person says, "Nice stockings?" and another says "Your legs are weird. They make my eyes feel funny."

"Dear school bus full of black kids, I play basketball for the exercise. Stop laughing."

"If I ever saw an amputee get hanged, I'd just start yelling out letters."

Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Quotes

"I'm growing up. You'd be so impressed. Today, I gave a presentation in which I said the word "invaginated" like 5 times without cracking up once."

"That's funny. For some reason I've been seeing the word "vaginismus" a lot lately and every time I do, I wish it was spelled "vaginisthmus." It could be next to the cape of good hope."

"Reach for the stars, M!"
"Yeah, the porn stars."

"Dear tattoo artists,
Its perfectly ok to respond with, "No, cause that will look fucking stupid!"

"turns out John Wayne is a real live person, and not a character played by Clint Eastwood. stay tuned for other things I learn today by watching television but couldn't care less about."

"If, while flipping through channels I see three or more movies starring the same actor, I immediately assume said actor is dead."

"Just waited on a woman who smelled like smoky pickles. I almost offered her some body wash."

"Sign your hair is too long: it gets caught on a door handle on the way out of a restaurant."

"Oooh.. you've got a new coat and it has MAGNETS! I love it!!!"
"Yeah, except sometimes walking out of a restaurant the other day, they caught on the door."

"You know, if I were a professional fighter, I would not want an advertisement for condoms printed across the back of my shorts. That is not the impression I would wish to give."
"What's wrong with fighting for safe sex? You gotta have a cause, a reason to get out in that ring."
"Apparently its to beat up STDs."
"...And in this corn-Ah! Wearing the red and white Tampax trunks: B "The Flow" Gibson!!!Or if you want to keep the Planned Parenthood message you could go with Twinkies....Wait no, their cream filled."
"maybe he's straight with "complications""