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Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Quotes

"Baby's crying, Harley's on fire. Shit's goin down man."

"I am French. I drink peeeeeee. I eat babies."

"It smells like soy factory and pig."

"When my mother was born, she could not vote. My daughter got to vote for her mother in this election."

"I travel all over this country and in red and blue states alike: all people really want is Money, naughty sex, and good Barbeque."

"McCain says he'll follow Osama to the gates of hell. He didn't even follow him to the gates where he lives"

A "I can't kill animals. Like when I fish, I always throw them back."
Hours later while walking down a country road
B "Did you see that squirrel? He was completely flat."
A "Oh my god. I knew I hit it, I knew it. Oh, I feel so horrible."
B "There had to have been 40 or 50 cars that've run over him since you hit him. I mean all that was sticking up was his little paws."
A looks horribly distressed
B "Maybe you could cut one off and use it like a little rabbit foot."

"Dogs learn a lot from assholes."
"There's a lot to be learned from assholes."

"I like your shape."
"My shape, what shape is that?"
"Hourglass, mmmmm. {pause} Except instead of being full of sand, you're full of baloney."
"Hey, watchitnow, that's piss and vinegar to you."

"We should be able to stand up and disagree on the issues, without questioning each other's patriotism."

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I don't remember writing this but its in my handwriting...?

Lightning splits
between a plant and a seed
a bud and a thorn
rich and poor
worthy and undeserving
stocks split
one bought one sold
on the stock exchange floor
trading and borrowing
on the congressional floor
borrowing and trading
the share that grows
flowers beautifully
hiding behind bright expensive clothes
snorting coke
can't make a decision
the other drowns and drunks
by a welfare check
fights odds to see
a son survive the storm
use whatever lighter you need
to color the scene
don't stop to lick your wounds
don't even acknowledge they exist.

Its just good to be a woman

I went to a DNC watch party last night. These parties are a chance to get together with a group to watch the speeches. The stories in these speeches were incredible. Deval Patrick, governor of Massachusetts, spoke about coming from a home where he, his sister and his mother slept on bunk beds and the floor and rotated nightly who slept where. He talked about the changes accomplished with the support of his family in 1 generation.

As many amazing political speeches as there were though, it was really all about the women last night. Last night was the anniversary of the day women got the vote and some of the speeches reflected that.

Lily Ledbetter talked about her attempts to get equal pay for equal work by filing a claim against her employer Goodyear Tires. She had worked her entire career for that company through to retirement making less money than her male counterparts. Every raise for her was smaller and it affected not only her ability to raise her children, but also her level of income now in her retirement. Our current supreme court let down women everywhere with its decision, overturning earlier court decisions to grant her the money, saying she should have filed her claim within 6 months of the first questionable pay increase.

There were quite a few senior women in the room, a rarity in Summit County, and in between speakers they talked about the discrimination they had experienced growing up. Gretchen talked about how when she first began teaching, they would not hire you if you were married. Later it was that you could not teach if you were pregnant or had children. There were other stories about how you were required to wear skirts, heels, and hose at all times. If there was an activity that required atheletic outfitting, the women were required to change BACK into their skirts and heels while the men were allowed to spend the rest of their day as they were.

Then Hillary Clinton gave the speech of her career.

Its good to be a woman.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The River Currant: A Fable, Part VI, The End

Their sentiments traveled far away to the girl and her babies who grew still more. The girl brought her mother to the riverbed to see the illustration and to ask to hear the story again. The mother finally woke from her catatonic state. She held her daughter’s head in her lap and caressed her face as she told her the story again and again and again. The babies were growing so fast now, it wouldn’t be long before they would have to find their way out. But could they be born into a world without light?

The girl and her mother slept in the company of the riverbed for a long time, until finally the animals roused them. The menagerie grew too impatient from the excitement of the infants’ growth. Finally the animals gave the girl their last item, the one seemingly with the least value: the piece of gold.

Both women were shocked to see this scrap from their past. It had become so familiar over the years, they recognized it immediately. The gold planted in the girl by the sun recognized its inherent value as well and it began to shine. It was a gift they’d given the father one year. The father had never worn a watch but recognized the care they’d put into picking it out for him, and as it was a thing to be worn, he wore it. It reminded him of them for a long time. Until he thought too much of only himself and then it reminded him of the time.

The girl’s most childish instinct was to take it to her father with glee at having found it. The daddy she used to know, would have been thrilled by such a treasure. But then reality set in and she doubted herself. She and her mother discussed it and decided to wait a bit before showing it to the father.

Meanwhile the tribes people decorated and prepared. They celebrated their community and felt their own connectedness to the infants that would come. They felt the green of the trees in their grins and tasted the fruit of the vines when they kissed.

When the time felt right, the girl’s mother went to her father and told him there was something going on by the river. The girl waited by the river with the watch and stared at its luster feeling the love she had folded into it when she gave it to him. She had no idea how long she sat in that moment, but looked up with the piece in her hand instinctively offering it to her father as he arrived. The light from the gold watch piece was too luminous with love to be held in that small piece and as he saw it, burst into light fragments which flew everywhere. They flew to the sky as stars and to the air around them as fireflies. And in each sparkle, he saw his babygirl’s eyes loving him, his wife giving birth to her. And in tandem with his thoughts, the girl gave birth.

The village people who had prepared for so long waited at the riverside with bread and gifts, colored wraps for the baby, and colored bodies to decorate the world.

The girl gave birth to two children. A boy and a girl. One with the skin of a moon child: pink and glowing. One with the light of a sun child: a flashing golden brown. And as their light shown on the father’s face, he saw the colors from the village seep into his daughter’s illustration. He remembered the secrets she’d whispered as a child when he’d kiss her goodnight. The illustration grew full and flowing and across it, they could see the villagers, welcoming them. The father did not feel shame but only love, and fascination with his new knowledge. For they could never have come to the village without the lessons the girl had learned, 1, all things are connected, 2 exist in the moment, 3 you are always free: you belong to the world. And the lessons could not be seen without the light of the world: love.

The babies grew up to be the two great uniters. The girl became the greatest of leaders: a teacher, who listened and who united people by shedding light in dark places, something that hadn’t been done when the father was caste into the darkness of his own self absorbed images. The son became a great artist for artists give our ideas beauty and intrigue. Together they maintained the lessons of the river by the light of love.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bein' boys and doin' stupid shit

The last day of the camping trip, right as we were getting ready to leave, I walked up and said, "Hey Dean wanna hear something funny?"
"Karin, I'm so ready for your something funny."
"Check out my pants. They were Kelley's. She wore them as jeans." I laughed. (Kelley's 4'11", thus the funniness.) Then came his monumentally stupid response.
"What were those her maternity pants or something." He said chuckling.
"JESUS DEAN! Why don't you just kick in the face and call me a fatass."
These are the pants.
the jeans

Ha ha, Kelly wore those as pants. And I am clearly not fat. So there must be another explanation for the astronomical level of stupidity of that comment. Who fucking says that?

I back tracked in my mind and began to piece together the previous 24 hours of Dean's.

I remembered the hornet's nest and how the boys had thought it was a good idea to throw rocks at it.

hornet's nest

Then, I surveyed the surroundings of the fire pit and noticed an inordinate number of objects Dean and others thought would be fun to toss in the fire.

I'll make you my bic

I remembered Amber saying something about this and how she'd been the only one to move away from the fire at this point shortly before the lighter blew up.

jesus dean, don't light my fire

burned grolsch

I noticed when I looked at the burned Grolsch mini-keg a clue to the culprit. Check out the upper left hand corner.



the culprit: yes its hornitos

Notice the brand is Hornitos. Ha ha.

In his words, "I'm sorry, Karin, I was so hammered I pissed the tent last night. Its all over my climbing gear, I'm just a fuckin mess."

Ok, Dean. I get it, you're just that hungover.

Plus, I look just fine in those jeans.
butt in jeans

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fuck you's and props

Fuck you to the folks drivin down Main Street in Frisco at EIGHT MILES AN HOUR! Yes the mountains are beautiful. Pull over and stare at them, I got shit to do!

A special fuck you to board presidents of nonprofits everywhere who don't have any expertise in nonprofits/social work/etc. and yet get to have the authority to change the direction of an agency in spite of the wishes and expertise of the people who work there.

A very special fuck you to George Bush and anyone else stupid enough to push drilling in wild life refuges. Drilling for more oil WON'T LOWER PRICES AT ALL! The oil won't be available for about 10 years you short sighted prick. Stop governing. Now. I mean it. Stop.
Someone really ought to smack him on the nose with a newspaper.

Props to everyone who reads this. Thanks:)

Special props to Amber who wrote a text message with a list of things to remember for Demian, and put 'Karin' on there. Also for getting everyone together to go on this little camping endeavor this weekend.

Very special props out to those people who comment on my blog. I know as many as 30 people read it a day but the best is when I get comments: Brianne, Gina, my brother, um and that's all. I wish I heard from more of you.

Friday, August 22, 2008

The River Currant: A Fable Part V

That night, the silence was thick with the tragedy of the day. So thick, that it was felt even in the tribe. The medicine man, who’d sent his shadow to visit, was particularly lost in the sadness that seeped through to him. No one was helped by him for a month. The tribes people worried that their gift would be lost with the family. How could the girl find her way in the dark?

The animals worried; the whole menagerie was askew with talk of hopelessness. “How could a hopeless girl be their key?”

When the month of moping and sadness ended, the sun came out and caste a beautiful rainbow for all the tribe to see. The sun refracted their worries, changed the light. The worries melted and faith came through in three broad, colorful bands.

Beneath, the animals too grew tired of their mopishness and began to stew. As their discontent grew, ideas came forth. They thought of getting the girl to taste currants again, or maybe if they gave her milk to replenish her breasts, but no-they had no way to get currants and her breasts had already refilled, even if it was not with the hope they needed. Where before they had stayed away, now they gathered near her whenever she left the house.

They brought her the things they’d found before: the piece of twine first as it seemed the most useful. She wondered aloud where it might have come from. And as she did she remember the babies tied to her own body, and began telling them the story of an eagle who’d found a single piece of twine and used it to build a grand nest. The babies flipped and bubbled and she knew they wanted more. The light within her womb glowed when she told the stories. The babies were happy and her stomach shone.

This light traveled across time to the dreams of the tribes people. They dreamed wonderful stories and told them to each other’s children while they made bread. They told stories to their parents while they ate and to the snakes when they went to fetch drinking water.

The menagerie animals became excited when they saw the girl’s belly had grown and brought her the scrap from the storybook, hoping it too would nurture the tribes gift in her womb. She cried thinking of the beautiful book it’d come from, the one her mother had been reading over and over since their arrival in the village. The one her mother had read to her when she was small. She had paid no attention to which book it was her mother had been reading until this very moment. She felt tears of joy in the memories of those quiet times with her mother.

She brought the page to the river where she picked up a rock and threw it, imagining water in the dried up bed. In her imagination the rock skipped all across a broad stream. When it landed on the other side something magical happened. A rock broke open, and inside it were currants. See, the medicine man’s shadow loved her too much to return to his world without leaving some gift, some reminder behind.

She ate a currant and as flavor burst in her mouth, a vivid image popped forward in her mind: the pictures that went along with the story her mother had read. She used the currants, rubbing them on the porous rocks in the riverbed to illustrate her story. As the last drop of currant joined the illustration, the oldest member of the tribe shot awake.

He began laughing and running around the village waking people. “I have news I have news! Everyone, come with me to the river!” Because the tribe respected age above all else, they followed him eagerly. They were worried too though as they arrived and saw nothing.

The elder told them to sit and watch the river. He whispered over the crowd that this was a lesson of the moon and we’d have to listen carefully to see it. The medicine man knew that these were a sun people, and to ease their sight and hearing, he’d do the same for them as he’d done for the girl. He fetched all the currants he could find. As the taste spread throughout the tribe, they began to see the girl’s picture in the water. The artists tried adding colors, but the water diluted the color and swept it away. So they simply watched the picture emerge enjoying its luster. They were thrilled by the experience and no more sleep was needed that night. They danced in the moonlight and felt the wonder of bodies moving.

Friday Quotes

I just ate White Castle for breakfast... SUCK IT DENVER!!!

I just discovered this new bourbon, Lucy something. I've been looking for answers in bottles for a long time, and you know what? Its all about the pussy control. Jack, Jim, George, none with answers... but Lucy, now that's what I'm talkin about."

"I feel like I only put deodorant in one pit today. Seriously, I'm sweating in one armpit."

"If I had a rooster and you had a donkey and your donkey ate my rooster. What would you have?
2 ft. of my cock in your ass."

"Oh, son of a swollen maggot-forking platypus!"

Young child: Can I have some candy?
Older brother: No, I'm not supposed to share. See (points to writing on label) it says do not share.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Who has that on draft

Rob read the Budweiser can aloud to me this evening and I gotta say, yes its just as uninteresting as you think. But since I had to hear it, so do you. Budweiser touts as its prime virtue ingenuity. The examples it uses are the refrigerated railcar to transport it in 18sumpin. The next time serendipity struck was with born on dating. Whew, whatever would we have done without it. Then most recently, they've invented a glass that makes Budweiser taste better. I struggle to believe any glass makes Budweiser taste of high enough quality to warrant mentioning, but whatever.
This led to a discussion of beer and wine tasting better in specific glasses. Red wine in its gloriously inviting large globes, champagne in its flutes, beer in steins and pints. Then it went to beers that were specifically best on draft in pints, when it occurred to me, I've never seen Corona on tap. For that matter, any Mexican beer in a keg. I wonder where you can get Mexican beer on draft? I bet its terrible, but if I see it, I will diligently take one for the team just to confirm it. You have my promise.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tancock, wait, isn't that that shitty new Will Smith movie?

I'm not drinking anymore. It just means I wake up in the middle of the night for a few hours of worthless awakeness. I can't hold a thought more than two seconds. Kidney beans. See?

Maybe this is common knowledge, but it came to me through an awkward Spanish homework assignment in Chile. Christopher Columbus, (douchebag) in Spanish is Colon (I don't know how to put an accent on the second o but it's there.) Its the same word. His last name is colon... haha. Coloneyes:) Loved the swimmer in the olympics with the last name Tancock... heeheehee. Tancock. And Donlon's right, watching swimming is boring. Unless you're looking at a Tancock. Ha!

Ahhhhh I will eat cereal and sleep... I hope

Friday, August 15, 2008

Escalante goes to Waterworld

Meghann and Karin took me to Waterworld. I waited patiently as they snuck me in

sneaking in to waterworld

Once we got past the gate, I got to look around at the wonder of waterworld.

Escalante has a look around water world

Little did I know there would be a whole menagerie of animals around this thing they called the lazy river. It tasted like plastic packing peanuts, but there was good prey to stalk, (people just let their young float along without the slightest bit of concern... mmm yummy toddlers) so I enjoyed that for a while.

the wonder of waterworld

But then I wanted to try out the rides. So Meghann measured me

Escalante excitedly gets measured for rides

Some asshole called Wally questioned the ferociousness of the great Escalante!
I had to find him.

I snuck up, hunting him down.

sneaking up on wally

And aaaaattttacked!!!!!!

Escalante attacks wally

I'm tall enough to ride that ride, you bucktoothed fucktart. Stupid, pussy two-toother, and he spits when you attack. Wally the Walrus is a wuss, and I'll make him my bitch.

Morning Hiking: Thanks girls!

So this morning I got up at 4 am to go for a sunrise hike with my friends:

Amber who looked like a camouflaged flower herself. I wanted to take pictures of her a bunch of places and make a where's waldo series, but she passed.

Amber in the flowers

and Molly, who might be the only person more quotable than Rob.

Molly summit Peak 7

We hiked to the top of Peak 7 which is a chilly hike due to elevation. We were ill prepared for how cold it was, and unable to shiver through our victory beers at the summit. The clouds sprawled out in a diverse set of warnings, beautiful and pristine, making the view stunning. We ate our lunch (at 8 am) and began a slow meandering descent.

a Vista from Peak 7

We took pictures of the wild flowers and drank victory beers back below tree line.

wild flowers

Two large beers and I gotta say, I can feel it at 9 am. The cloud warnings were no joke and as we returned to the car, it began hailing. Amber loves the rain and misses it during our pathetic drippings AKA rain, so she stood out in the hail and rain while Molly and I watched enjoying her enthusiasm. The hail continued and began gathering on the ski slopes mimicking the look of the first snow falls. It gathered on the cars in the lot too, and before you knew it we were throwing slush balls at each other stealthy like behind cars. We played and laughed and got in the car soaked and ready for hot baths and naps.

Getting up from mine, I have to say my favorite things about morning hikes are:
1. Feeling like you stole a piece of time, a tidbit you'd have never gotten any other way.
2. The greens of forest foliage in the eerie first morning light.
3. The fact that you see something totally different on the way down, that you couldn't see on the way up when it was dark.
4. That you never know what will happen. You might have a slush fight with hail in August.

Friday Quotes

"No, I cannot help you pull up your pants. I came here for some Advil, not to help you pull up your goddamn pants."

"You want some of my snowcone?" waving it around in the air temptingly, "... its ridin' dirty..."

“Let’s just plan on one drink, in case you end up having a hunchback and I end up being 300 lbs.”

"Okay, so I got the pregnancy test and the vodka. We'll see which one wins."

"Yeah but its the new Corvette guys that have the big important egos and they're hung like fruit flies."

Demian "Sassafrass has a lot of ass"

Me "Yeah, what has more ass than Sassafrass?" thinking, "Wait, seriously, what word has more than 2 asses? Nothing."

Amber "What is sassafrass?"

Rob "I think its an herb."

Amber "Like Safron"

Me "I think it comes from a grass: Sassafrass grass."

Demian "That's what has more ass."

Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Quotes

"Frisbeetarianism is the belief that when you die, your soul goes up on the roof and gets stuck." - George Carlin

"So I guess I'm running for president... see you at the debate bitches" -Paris Hilton

"When I got my DUI, there was a guy in my trunk. And my license was in the trunk too."

"I hate how they go hiring all these cute girls, it means I have to fuckin be cooler than them."

"the bathtub is a wonderful place."

"only the republican party can eradicate your problems, or the immigrants who caused them"

"I need to go to the post office."
"I need to stop by the bank."
"I need to find someone rational to sleep with."

"What?! They took the stripper pole down, what am I going to do with myself?"

We don't want you in our town

So at the bar tonight there was a guy there with this ridiculous southern accent. Its the super fuckin ignorant made up sounding accent. You know the one, I do a damn fine impression of it. I was kinda wasted so at first I thought it was someone faking it, goofin off. I realized he wasn't when this quick exchange with my friend Molly happened.

Molly: So who're you gonna vote for?

Ignorant Hick: I tell you who I'm not votin for, I ain't votin fer no N%$@**(only he said the word, I love foul language and I won't even type it)

Me: ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! We don't want ignorant fucking people like you in our town. We don't act like that here, you can fucking leave. Take your fucking money and get out of my town.

I think there may have been steam coming out of my ears and I managed not to punch him in the face.

I came home this evening to an email notifying me that I'll get a reserved ticket to the Democratic National Convention to watch Barack's acceptance of the nomination. I'm optimistic about the future.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Now for something quirky

My husband.
1. Rob came home from happy hour one night while and I had my group over to work on our statistics project. Not wanting to disturb us he grabbed a beer from the fridge, some stale goldfish from the food bank, and his guitar and was off to our bedroom to play: perfectly happy.
2. The other day I realized he didn't know where the lint trap was on the dryer after 10 months of living in our current place. This is because he knows I like to peel the lint from the screen (much as I like to peel people's sunburns,) so he's been leaving it for me all this time.
3. This morning while getting ready for work, he was obsessed with coming up with a bluegrass version of "Don't call me daughter" by Pearl Jam. So he peaked around corners and sang different parts of the song in his bluegrass voice while playing the air mandolin.
I freakin love him.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Cleaning my wedding dress

gravel in my palms
but not clinging to your corpse
can't be soaked out by anyone's forgettance
no tears will divorce the loss from the gain
no bleach will clear away the stain
the mark that lingers on a calendar
reminders everywhere
but the date is an arbitrary number
not scheduled mourning

Mourning, that surreal watching
a license plate while I drive
its not me driving
I notice as I wait
for numbers and letters to emerge
the 3D image of a magic picture
Will go away if I destroy it
demolish all that steel
straight into a concrete median
crunch it completely
glass in my skin
particles I'll smell for a week

when I wake
the nightmare over,
the calendar not scattered with red circles
death's anniversaries all through the year

I dusted today
but it wasn't your ashes
I scraped away

The windows still streaked
by scars from my scalp
picked by nervous fingers
of someone else

Not someone who could buy you diapers
and change your clothes
but someone who escapes
into pages,
and lives far far away
in a fairy tale gown
veiled and ready
for happily ever after

someone who rids themselves
of traces of mud
bleaches out dirt of that day
insists that time sparkles with sequins
Even if squeezing-eye-tears streak the view

In this version
Grimm edited out the slimy dog bite
there's no hair to help the next day
You build your story the hard way
brick and tears
sweat and mortar
ashes and powdered glass

I notice car shrapnel
embedded in my tree's haunches.
push the red and purple bruises
covering my body
pain vibrant and dull as my skin
awaits the yellowing end to emerge

Friday Quotes

":)you know....these stupid little colon-parenthesis happy faces do not accurately represent the magnitude of my feverishly grinning mug. However, the fact that the little winky eyes are made by something called a colon is rather amusing.huh. I think I just wasted 45 seconds of my life thinking about colon-eyes.





Coooooooooooooooooloneyesssssssssssssssssssssssss.Ha! Still funny."

"Each month I somehow magically forget about PMS, that is until I find myself in a clown suit holding a machine gun in search of the town water tower."

"Did you know babies have natural reflexes? Like, if you stick your finger in their hand, they'll grab it, and if you try to pull it away, they'll hold on to it for like a minute."
"Did you know if you punch a baby in the face, it'll cry?"

"Why don't you just clean your closet?"
"I will"
"Oh yeah, when?"
"I like to call it the time of reckoning. Some say, you can smell it on the wind."