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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fuck you's and props

Fuck you to the folks drivin down Main Street in Frisco at EIGHT MILES AN HOUR! Yes the mountains are beautiful. Pull over and stare at them, I got shit to do!

A special fuck you to board presidents of nonprofits everywhere who don't have any expertise in nonprofits/social work/etc. and yet get to have the authority to change the direction of an agency in spite of the wishes and expertise of the people who work there.

A very special fuck you to George Bush and anyone else stupid enough to push drilling in wild life refuges. Drilling for more oil WON'T LOWER PRICES AT ALL! The oil won't be available for about 10 years you short sighted prick. Stop governing. Now. I mean it. Stop.
Someone really ought to smack him on the nose with a newspaper.

Props to everyone who reads this. Thanks:)

Special props to Amber who wrote a text message with a list of things to remember for Demian, and put 'Karin' on there. Also for getting everyone together to go on this little camping endeavor this weekend.

Very special props out to those people who comment on my blog. I know as many as 30 people read it a day but the best is when I get comments: Brianne, Gina, my brother, um and that's all. I wish I heard from more of you.


Gina said...

Thanks for the props, and thanks for writing your hilarious blog. Mucho entertaining. I have my own list of fuck-yous that I'd like to share: fuck you to soggy pop tarts, asshole men who collect Superman figurines, the guy who farted in the cereal aisle today and then scurried around the corner, the hot guy who asked for my number last week and never called, the neighbor with the dog who shits on the sidewalk and to fucktarts everywhere who don't use blinkers. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

OK. So now I have to come up with ANOTHER username and password to remember just so you'll know who left a comment!!
Sure hope I'll be able to remember

Brianne Snow said...

you know i had to comment on this one...

i double all those fuck you and especially to you-know-who.

hope camping was fun...

Go Long said...

well, I lurk on your blog since I'm a fellow frisconian blogger.... definitely provides some good laughs. Now I can at least be on the lookout for those jeans around town.

Silly Swedish Skier Says So said...

Hooray for comments!!! I love the additional fuck yous and finding out who read this!!!
I'll second the fuck you to the cereal isle guy and add the guy I had to use the bathroom after in Leadville who dropped a GIANT bomb before me. What's with guys always shitting in gas station bathrooms?