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Monday, August 25, 2008

Bein' boys and doin' stupid shit

The last day of the camping trip, right as we were getting ready to leave, I walked up and said, "Hey Dean wanna hear something funny?"
"Karin, I'm so ready for your something funny."
"Check out my pants. They were Kelley's. She wore them as jeans." I laughed. (Kelley's 4'11", thus the funniness.) Then came his monumentally stupid response.
"What were those her maternity pants or something." He said chuckling.
"JESUS DEAN! Why don't you just kick in the face and call me a fatass."
These are the pants.
the jeans

Ha ha, Kelly wore those as pants. And I am clearly not fat. So there must be another explanation for the astronomical level of stupidity of that comment. Who fucking says that?

I back tracked in my mind and began to piece together the previous 24 hours of Dean's.

I remembered the hornet's nest and how the boys had thought it was a good idea to throw rocks at it.

hornet's nest

Then, I surveyed the surroundings of the fire pit and noticed an inordinate number of objects Dean and others thought would be fun to toss in the fire.

I'll make you my bic

I remembered Amber saying something about this and how she'd been the only one to move away from the fire at this point shortly before the lighter blew up.

jesus dean, don't light my fire

burned grolsch

I noticed when I looked at the burned Grolsch mini-keg a clue to the culprit. Check out the upper left hand corner.



the culprit: yes its hornitos

Notice the brand is Hornitos. Ha ha.

In his words, "I'm sorry, Karin, I was so hammered I pissed the tent last night. Its all over my climbing gear, I'm just a fuckin mess."

Ok, Dean. I get it, you're just that hungover.

Plus, I look just fine in those jeans.
butt in jeans


Kelley said...

I laughed my ass off when I read this. Fucking Dean... I miss him... He makes for good stories.

Gina said...

Damn grrrl, you are HAWT!!

Anonymous said...

As another Dean used to say: 'The worst thing you can ask a boy is "What were you thinking?" because he wasn't!'
By the way - love the capris