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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesdays' Weirdos: Kindergarten Krazy

My friends took their 5 year old, Tempest, to look at schools in Denver. One of them went to the Waldorf Schools as a kid so they've been pretty into checking them out. I asked about the visit and these are some of the tidbits I got:

- They speak really quietly, apparently its a little eerie.
- They had a story telling time where they lit a candle and sat in a circle. At the end of story, they used a snuffer dealie bobber to snuff out the candle. Tempest asked how they did it and they told her "Magic..." in their whispery conspiratorial voices.
- One of the teachers told the mom about how at night when she dreams she goes to an alternate plane where she meets up with the children and it is there that she finds out what the children need. Making her this week's Wednesday's Weirdo: Kindergarten Krazy.

The dad did not think this was weird. The mom did. I said I'd like to think when she goes home and sleeps, she thinks of something other than work. But whatever. The other night in my dreams I dreamed of leeches and in order to remove the leeches you had to let bottle nosed dolphins swim at you at top speed and then they'd eat the leeches off of you. I wonder what plane of existence that's on?


Gina said...

Oooh, I wanna work at the kindeegarten. Better than working for the circus!

Anonymous said...

Guess it depends on what you ate before you went to bed!!! mja

PPP said...

That would scare me... and Chris would love it. We would fight. Suddenly, I'm thankful that he can't afford private school

Kelly said...

Sounds a bit DEVELISH to me. That teacher is spending too much time in La La Land.

Kelly said...

Meant to say "Devilish." I need to lay off the rum. I'm starting to see dolphins charging towards me. *hic*