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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My mommy says "Be a Man"

I got a message today from a client's mother letting me know that her 25 year old son was sick so he missed his UA. Seriously?

I had to return that message with one of my own, trying my hardest not to sound incredibly bitchy and condescending to say, "It really isn't appropriate for you to have your mom call me. Its very important that you show up to do your drug testing and if you need to miss, YOU need to call."

When what I really wanted to say was, "Take your tail out from between your legs, become a man, get out of bed, and go take your damn drug test! What, do you have your mommie call you in to work sick too? GROW UP! You've got to be a parent for Fuck's Sake!"

The best would have been if I'd had MY mom call him back. I can just imagine, "This is Dr. Harvey, Karin's mom and she just wanted me to let you know that you need to take your drug test unless you have a doctor's note."
If only...


Anonymous said...

And I'd have made that call, just cuz he needed it!!

Kelly said...

A lot of 20 something year old guys these days don't feel they should be held accountable or act responsibly. I might sound like an old bastard saying that, but, it just seems that way at times.

Anonymous said...

Don't suppose it helps when their mommy steps in for them!

Kelly said...

How true.

bri said...

that would have been time, have your mom call!!