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Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Quotes!

"if the tuna fish becomes extinct, will vaginas stop smelling like them?"

"I think that was the motto of my high school graduating class: 'Set your ass on fire'"
"Imagine that... at an all boys school."

"I don't get that whole asymmetry thing. I mean, you can't tell if its a dude or a girl."

"I just mixed the 'Dragon' up with the 'Quest' and got Drag Queen. I thought, "Is this low fat sushi with vodka and sass?""

"What was that about chips and mumbling?"
"I think he said something about you and dumb chics."
"Was it how I kick their asses?"
"That makes you sound pretty mean. It makes you sound like someone dumb chics shouldn't mess with."
"That's right! Dumb chics shouldn't mess with me."

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