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Friday, March 28, 2008

The Currant of the River: A Fable Part II

When the girl entered her hut she realized she must tell her parents of this important news. But through the loudness of her father’s anger, no one could hear her meaning. Also, she knew this was moon news, which is only learned through whispers and listening. So she went to bed and slept, ignoring the noises of the house in favor of the comfort of her lesson. She wrapped it around herself and slept.

The medicine man could not sleep, however, as he too had learned something. He suddenly knew the girl would not brown as his people did. They were sun people and she was not; she was a moon person. Moon people worked by tides and waters, they were both lighter and darker, they were people with a different shadow.

The next day the father, furious at the impropriety of a daughter coming home so late, banned her from stopping at the river for any longer than it took to fetch the water. He had built a strange device in the open space next to their hut which grabbed a slither of sun and kept it trapped there, ever moving around in the same circle. She was only permitted to go fetch the water when the sun’s shadow slice was caged in three specific places. She was instructed to go straight there, come straight back, without stopping to think.

The watchers knew of this and told the medicine man. The medicine man had begun to love the girl for her different and strange light, so brought the problem to the council for advisement. The council proposed an action. Perhaps the family did not have enough children and would benefit from more. Perhaps the father would listen better and learn more if he had a young child to show him. The medicine man would deliver this idea. He thought about the best way to deliver the gift and decided he would go see the girl. He waited for her at the river.

That day, she felt herself changing. All day she sensed the sun creep between the layers of her skin and plant a glowing love for her to bring to the moon. For the moon and the sun had been the first friends and loved each other truly and deeply, which is why there are such beautiful colors at the magical time twice a day when they meet. She became woman. She felt the sun dial beg to be freed and silently promised to find a way, knowing responsibility was part of her newness.

She went at the same times as usual that day to the river and on the third time met the medicine man. When she arrived he was taken aback by the look in her eyes. He knew the desperation had returned and knew what he must do. She tried to explain that she could not stay; she was not allowed to stop and think. So he kept her moving and moving, rising and falling like the tides. She knew as she returned home what extra waters she brought with her and that the special currants he had given her the last time, would grow this time. She did not see the medicine man again.

Escalante's 1st Easter Beer Hunt

When I first arrived in Frisco, I thought they were kidding. But no. They really do paint beer cans for Easter.

painting cans on the floor

At first I was frustrated because without any thumbs I couldn't paint. But I drank a few and found a monster truck named "Blue Thunder" so I was happy.

escalante catches a ride to the cans

Until I crashed

too much tecate for escalante

You wouldn't believe how many cans there were!

artistically stacked cans with reflection

Some were sneaky

snow camo

Some were tall and scary

satans cans

Some were just funny

Side 1
rainbow bunny 1

Side 2
rainbow bunny 2

Side 3
rainbow bunny 3

All day Sunday we hunted beers in the sun. It was beautiful. When we got back to Karin and Rob's house, I got to know Meowmix a little better. She wasn't always so sure of me.

meowmix sniffin escalante

But we had a good time together that night.

escalante rides meowmix

A real good time.

meowmix and escalante share a kiss

I may have fallen for her

pat and Caroline 2008 075

Friday Quotes

"My skin doesn't want to experience the world, it wants to lay in a tub of lotion."

"What are 'feces'?"
"Baby mice"

"I walked in and my wife was doing yoga to a tool video."

"Everyone's got something to hide except for me and my monkey"

"I want to get metal legs. Its a risky operation, but it'll be worth it."

"I think I might want to have kids soon.
Really, cuz I think I've spent the last three days drunk. We clearly had very different weekends."

Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Quotes

“Soooo... The cops took my Van... Yep, Gotta go bail her out of the po-po pound lot.”

“That’s why I like to call them Hisperchicatinos”

“It’s a baby punching song”

“Can I hump while you talk?”

“I’m not Chicano, I’m fuckin Mexican!”

“You’re like Mexican Charlie Brown”

“Don’t haze me, cuz I’ll just haze your hazing.”

“Property is theft.”

“Some day they’ll give a war, and no one will come.”

“So you're the one who sent me a text message saying, 'A penis is the best breakfast because it has two eggs, a sausage, and milk'!”

"My boyfriend is made of rubber... what's the problem?"

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Escalante's girlfriend doesn't care that he's made of rubber

My friend Meghann and I posted a myspace page for Escalante


He's Escalante.


And he got requests and mail from the girlies all day today. No kidding. And they were the sleazy kind, you know the ones that make you change your privacy setting to private.
Here are excerpts from the email "Janine" sent
"Hi there handsome." "I'm single and looking for something simple. I want to take a well deserved break from the single's life, but dont want to start something hot and heavy either I'm good-looking and not overweight, I watch what I eat and work out frequently. I love to laugh, to watch movies of all kinds and to read. I'm also outgoing and ambitious."

I mean Escalante does have some sexy teeth.

My response email said, "I'm a rubber crocodile you tard."

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Currant of the River: A Fable Part I

The Currant of the River: A Fable

There once was a fat, loud missionary who traveled to Africa to “civilize” the tribes. He encountered a very holy tribe, long established in the region. He did not know the skill of listening and so talked and talked all day and all night. Worse still, he did not put meaning into his words, so they fell empty and with strange resonance on the ears of the tribes people. He did not share his wealth with the families of the village. He did not listen to the wisdom of the people.

For these indiscretions the leaders of the tribe deemed him unworthy tribal wisdom. “Maybe he was not given color because he did not give anything of himself in order to receive this gift from the sun?” They wondered. So they decided to watch him and see if he would not give and therefore color and change over time. The tribe watched from afar as the words continued to pour from his mouth without meaning or value, without input or god. His wife and daughter watched sadly not knowing what to do.

The sun, wanting to help, dripped down and painted the man a bit in spite of himself. But the tribe still did not move closer to the man; they knew the sun had painted him out of pity, and that his words flowed ceaseless with the hollowness of drops in a well. They did move closer to the daughter who had learned to put kindness into her words.

The daughter’s words began to take on striking beauty and truth, sounding much as their own but with some distant knowledge. She was quiet and interested and her eyes begged knowledge and understanding from the tribe members she passed on her way to gather water. One day the great medicine man of the tribe, saw the girl on one of these trips to the river. He noticed a desperate disease spreading through her body, which she could not yet sense. He spoke to one of the watchers who, after thinking how the father had been primed by the sun for color, agreed maybe it would not be so bad to cure this mere child of her ailment.

The medicine man met the girl on her daily journey to fetch water. He observed her watching the stream flip and flow, and knew her stillness held something in common with his own. The girl watched the swirls and twirls of the water as he came upon her. He greeted the girl, and handed her a few dark currants, motioning she was to eat them. She did at first reluctantly, then gratefully with a delighted tongue. He prepared to leave telling her to stay awhile and watch the river. As she ate the currants, her eyes grew wise with the juice. She watched one set of rocks for a long time. She saw how the water formed ribbons threading through them. She watched the sprays and splashes and felt impusivity leaping from them. As she watched, the water turned dark and insightful and night fell. The moon rose up and showed the river another view of itself, and as it did so, the girl knew two important truths: 1 The water has drops and cups, but you cannot take a single drop and separate it from the whole of the river. 2 She knew how to be in this moment. The truths healed her and she rose to go home.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Quotes

"I don't have anybody to tell on you to. Maybe I'll just moan. ahhh."
"maybe I'll call your mom... Marshaaaa!!!"

"You know that part in Fantasia with all the bubbles? It makes me think of boobies." (a four year old)

"Do you mind if I just hum while you talk?"

"I could paddle a canoe faster than this lift"

"I smell what you stepped in."

"If I had a blog, I'd call it who peed in your cheerios"

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Weird pink shit

weird pics 008
So this is what I saw on the floor. And I thought, "what the hell is that? A piece of taffy, wait no we don't eat taffy. A piece of the great pillow cases that Amber made for us
weird pics
No. No frogs.
What the hell is it?
I picked it up.
weird pics 006
"Oh god. Rob got so annoyed with the cat and the LSAT one day that he smashed her tongue! Its sweet Meowmixalot tongue. Oh the humanity!"
But then I saw her and she yawned.
Completely at a loss. I searched the bathroom. Only to find... a bottle of Pepto-Bismol on its side without the lid completely sealed. It turns into fuscia plastic sheeting.

Isn't that weird!

So if you plan on eating like this
weird pics 001
Know that the pepto you'll need later does this
weird pics 009
Also, know not to clean it up right away. Just let it dry out for a few days cuz apparently it turns to plastic and you can just pick it up.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday Quotes

"what you said in 315 pages
can be summarized here in but a few words:
Marianne needed a good slap in the face,
and Elinor? she just needed to get laid."

“What do you mean he don't eata meat? … Its ok… I makea lamb.”

“His theory is L’s not gay cuz when his mom is naked, he plays with his junk”

“W absolutely loves the cock and she simply cannot get enough of it.”

“I want ‘I love you dummy’ to become a kind of a stock phrase in my household.”

“Who I’d like to meet: a cat juggler.”

“Straight lines are godless”

“And I thought, what am I going to tell this cop? I’m drunk, I’m naked, and I’m on the wrong side of the car”

A “I’ve got a Johnny Cash song stuck in my head
B Could be worse
A Yeah, it could be stuck in my butt
B (doubled over laughing) The first thing that popped in my head is, ‘and it burns burns burns… the ring of fire’”

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Attack of the Ironic Fur

So last night we went out to dinner at the fondue restaurant at the top of Keystone. You take two gondolas to get to the restaurant. We had an amazing dinner with turtle fondue at the end, which I ordered a spoon in order to finish. Yes, I shamelessly spooned the chocolate straight from the pot into my mouth. (I managed to keep it off my forehead this time too.) As we waddled out toward the gondola to go home, there were a few women arriving. They were overly done up and one of them was wearing a fur coat. Her own hair had gotten caught in her fur coat, and all I could think is, "ha ha fancy pants, that's karma!" Then I had a funny picture of a barely visible spirit lingering over her shoulder laughing with Dave Chappelle's voice saying, "Bitch, I'll let go of your hair when you let go of mine!"