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Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Quotes

“Soooo... The cops took my Van... Yep, Gotta go bail her out of the po-po pound lot.”

“That’s why I like to call them Hisperchicatinos”

“It’s a baby punching song”

“Can I hump while you talk?”

“I’m not Chicano, I’m fuckin Mexican!”

“You’re like Mexican Charlie Brown”

“Don’t haze me, cuz I’ll just haze your hazing.”

“Property is theft.”

“Some day they’ll give a war, and no one will come.”

“So you're the one who sent me a text message saying, 'A penis is the best breakfast because it has two eggs, a sausage, and milk'!”

"My boyfriend is made of rubber... what's the problem?"

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