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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Attack of the Ironic Fur

So last night we went out to dinner at the fondue restaurant at the top of Keystone. You take two gondolas to get to the restaurant. We had an amazing dinner with turtle fondue at the end, which I ordered a spoon in order to finish. Yes, I shamelessly spooned the chocolate straight from the pot into my mouth. (I managed to keep it off my forehead this time too.) As we waddled out toward the gondola to go home, there were a few women arriving. They were overly done up and one of them was wearing a fur coat. Her own hair had gotten caught in her fur coat, and all I could think is, "ha ha fancy pants, that's karma!" Then I had a funny picture of a barely visible spirit lingering over her shoulder laughing with Dave Chappelle's voice saying, "Bitch, I'll let go of your hair when you let go of mine!"


Gina said...

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!! So funny. Why do those bitches think they look good wearing carcasses? Reminds me of Ed Gein. Ew.

Silly Swedish Skier Says So said...

They make their hair extra poofy to match their coat. I think animals take pity on us for our HUGE bald spots, but prolly not if we wear hides.