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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Escalante's girlfriend doesn't care that he's made of rubber

My friend Meghann and I posted a myspace page for Escalante


He's Escalante.


And he got requests and mail from the girlies all day today. No kidding. And they were the sleazy kind, you know the ones that make you change your privacy setting to private.
Here are excerpts from the email "Janine" sent
"Hi there handsome." "I'm single and looking for something simple. I want to take a well deserved break from the single's life, but dont want to start something hot and heavy either I'm good-looking and not overweight, I watch what I eat and work out frequently. I love to laugh, to watch movies of all kinds and to read. I'm also outgoing and ambitious."

I mean Escalante does have some sexy teeth.

My response email said, "I'm a rubber crocodile you tard."


judith said...

That's funny! I made a myspace for Vincent when he joined Edgar's Army. For a while he was getting hope you're feeling better now emails from female fans.

Kelley said...

Hey man, my boyfriend is made of rubber... what's wrong the problem?