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Friday, March 28, 2008

Escalante's 1st Easter Beer Hunt

When I first arrived in Frisco, I thought they were kidding. But no. They really do paint beer cans for Easter.

painting cans on the floor

At first I was frustrated because without any thumbs I couldn't paint. But I drank a few and found a monster truck named "Blue Thunder" so I was happy.

escalante catches a ride to the cans

Until I crashed

too much tecate for escalante

You wouldn't believe how many cans there were!

artistically stacked cans with reflection

Some were sneaky

snow camo

Some were tall and scary

satans cans

Some were just funny

Side 1
rainbow bunny 1

Side 2
rainbow bunny 2

Side 3
rainbow bunny 3

All day Sunday we hunted beers in the sun. It was beautiful. When we got back to Karin and Rob's house, I got to know Meowmix a little better. She wasn't always so sure of me.

meowmix sniffin escalante

But we had a good time together that night.

escalante rides meowmix

A real good time.

meowmix and escalante share a kiss

I may have fallen for her

pat and Caroline 2008 075

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