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Sunday, March 29, 2009


I may be taking a break from blogging so as a sendoff I'll tell you about a recent dream I had.

I have been working on a very violent case where the dad's in jail for what he did to the mom. So I've never met dad, but was reading a police report before bed, (never a good idea) and dreamt that I showed up to check on the dad at his house. The police usually come with us the first time we meet families but they were late. I decided to go on in without them. The dad gets mad and throws me against the wall by the throat and holds me there.

My reaction: "People don't treat me like this." I said in a I-can't-be-bothered tone. "I'M A NICE PERSON, DAMNIT! People laugh at me cuz I'm funny, THEY DON'T HOLD ME AGAINST THE WALL BY MY THROAT. Now, cut it out." He let go of me and the worst part was that I had to tell the police what happened when I went in without them. I then had to explain to him that I would have to press charges, and that "It's not ok to choke people." He hung his head in shame.


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Hopefully, real life and this dream do not intersect. I'll miss your postings!!!