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Friday, August 8, 2008

We don't want you in our town

So at the bar tonight there was a guy there with this ridiculous southern accent. Its the super fuckin ignorant made up sounding accent. You know the one, I do a damn fine impression of it. I was kinda wasted so at first I thought it was someone faking it, goofin off. I realized he wasn't when this quick exchange with my friend Molly happened.

Molly: So who're you gonna vote for?

Ignorant Hick: I tell you who I'm not votin for, I ain't votin fer no N%$@**(only he said the word, I love foul language and I won't even type it)

Me: ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! We don't want ignorant fucking people like you in our town. We don't act like that here, you can fucking leave. Take your fucking money and get out of my town.

I think there may have been steam coming out of my ears and I managed not to punch him in the face.

I came home this evening to an email notifying me that I'll get a reserved ticket to the Democratic National Convention to watch Barack's acceptance of the nomination. I'm optimistic about the future.

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