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Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Quotes

I just ate White Castle for breakfast... SUCK IT DENVER!!!

I just discovered this new bourbon, Lucy something. I've been looking for answers in bottles for a long time, and you know what? Its all about the pussy control. Jack, Jim, George, none with answers... but Lucy, now that's what I'm talkin about."

"I feel like I only put deodorant in one pit today. Seriously, I'm sweating in one armpit."

"If I had a rooster and you had a donkey and your donkey ate my rooster. What would you have?
2 ft. of my cock in your ass."

"Oh, son of a swollen maggot-forking platypus!"

Young child: Can I have some candy?
Older brother: No, I'm not supposed to share. See (points to writing on label) it says do not share.

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