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Friday, August 15, 2008

Escalante goes to Waterworld

Meghann and Karin took me to Waterworld. I waited patiently as they snuck me in

sneaking in to waterworld

Once we got past the gate, I got to look around at the wonder of waterworld.

Escalante has a look around water world

Little did I know there would be a whole menagerie of animals around this thing they called the lazy river. It tasted like plastic packing peanuts, but there was good prey to stalk, (people just let their young float along without the slightest bit of concern... mmm yummy toddlers) so I enjoyed that for a while.

the wonder of waterworld

But then I wanted to try out the rides. So Meghann measured me

Escalante excitedly gets measured for rides

Some asshole called Wally questioned the ferociousness of the great Escalante!
I had to find him.

I snuck up, hunting him down.

sneaking up on wally

And aaaaattttacked!!!!!!

Escalante attacks wally

I'm tall enough to ride that ride, you bucktoothed fucktart. Stupid, pussy two-toother, and he spits when you attack. Wally the Walrus is a wuss, and I'll make him my bitch.

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Gina said...

My favorite is when she's measuring you. Oh my god you crack my ass up.