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Friday, August 15, 2008

Morning Hiking: Thanks girls!

So this morning I got up at 4 am to go for a sunrise hike with my friends:

Amber who looked like a camouflaged flower herself. I wanted to take pictures of her a bunch of places and make a where's waldo series, but she passed.

Amber in the flowers

and Molly, who might be the only person more quotable than Rob.

Molly summit Peak 7

We hiked to the top of Peak 7 which is a chilly hike due to elevation. We were ill prepared for how cold it was, and unable to shiver through our victory beers at the summit. The clouds sprawled out in a diverse set of warnings, beautiful and pristine, making the view stunning. We ate our lunch (at 8 am) and began a slow meandering descent.

a Vista from Peak 7

We took pictures of the wild flowers and drank victory beers back below tree line.

wild flowers

Two large beers and I gotta say, I can feel it at 9 am. The cloud warnings were no joke and as we returned to the car, it began hailing. Amber loves the rain and misses it during our pathetic drippings AKA rain, so she stood out in the hail and rain while Molly and I watched enjoying her enthusiasm. The hail continued and began gathering on the ski slopes mimicking the look of the first snow falls. It gathered on the cars in the lot too, and before you knew it we were throwing slush balls at each other stealthy like behind cars. We played and laughed and got in the car soaked and ready for hot baths and naps.

Getting up from mine, I have to say my favorite things about morning hikes are:
1. Feeling like you stole a piece of time, a tidbit you'd have never gotten any other way.
2. The greens of forest foliage in the eerie first morning light.
3. The fact that you see something totally different on the way down, that you couldn't see on the way up when it was dark.
4. That you never know what will happen. You might have a slush fight with hail in August.

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