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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Who has that on draft

Rob read the Budweiser can aloud to me this evening and I gotta say, yes its just as uninteresting as you think. But since I had to hear it, so do you. Budweiser touts as its prime virtue ingenuity. The examples it uses are the refrigerated railcar to transport it in 18sumpin. The next time serendipity struck was with born on dating. Whew, whatever would we have done without it. Then most recently, they've invented a glass that makes Budweiser taste better. I struggle to believe any glass makes Budweiser taste of high enough quality to warrant mentioning, but whatever.
This led to a discussion of beer and wine tasting better in specific glasses. Red wine in its gloriously inviting large globes, champagne in its flutes, beer in steins and pints. Then it went to beers that were specifically best on draft in pints, when it occurred to me, I've never seen Corona on tap. For that matter, any Mexican beer in a keg. I wonder where you can get Mexican beer on draft? I bet its terrible, but if I see it, I will diligently take one for the team just to confirm it. You have my promise.

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