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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I don't remember writing this but its in my handwriting...?

Lightning splits
between a plant and a seed
a bud and a thorn
rich and poor
worthy and undeserving
stocks split
one bought one sold
on the stock exchange floor
trading and borrowing
on the congressional floor
borrowing and trading
the share that grows
flowers beautifully
hiding behind bright expensive clothes
snorting coke
can't make a decision
the other drowns and drunks
by a welfare check
fights odds to see
a son survive the storm
use whatever lighter you need
to color the scene
don't stop to lick your wounds
don't even acknowledge they exist.


Gina said...

Stream of consciousness poesy is my favorite. I wonder when you wrote this...

Brianne Snow said...

hoping that you will include obama in your friday quotes...hint, hint!!