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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Now for something quirky

My husband.
1. Rob came home from happy hour one night while and I had my group over to work on our statistics project. Not wanting to disturb us he grabbed a beer from the fridge, some stale goldfish from the food bank, and his guitar and was off to our bedroom to play: perfectly happy.
2. The other day I realized he didn't know where the lint trap was on the dryer after 10 months of living in our current place. This is because he knows I like to peel the lint from the screen (much as I like to peel people's sunburns,) so he's been leaving it for me all this time.
3. This morning while getting ready for work, he was obsessed with coming up with a bluegrass version of "Don't call me daughter" by Pearl Jam. So he peaked around corners and sang different parts of the song in his bluegrass voice while playing the air mandolin.
I freakin love him.


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Gina said...

So cute! I love little quirks.

P.S. Loved your Judith's-dream-haiku and included it on my blog today. Hope that's okay!