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Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Quotes

The whole world's left handed.

Even in the southern hemisphere? Or is it switched down there?

All I heard is 'when Karin calls tell her its by Paris Hilton and a six pack.'

"…maybe being able to have fun and enjoy life is the ultimate act of defiance before an authority that survives on terror."

Cause apparently if you have a penis, you automatically know about sump pumps.

i think one of the scariest things about our lifestyle is the choices we have- it is supposed to make us free but really it burdens us with huge amounts of stress and the unrealistic expectation that we will find our dream life.

Death sucks like a vacuum

Smells like a raccoon

Or a baboon

They're having a bit of weather there.

Sunshine: Expect delays ahead

I do not like sex with a bony girl. Stumps and bumps!

I got rid of my chaps. They got too small.

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