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Friday, April 29, 2011

I was going to quit blogging but I suck at quitting stuff. I decided to quit, thinking I'd make some decisions about my professional life or possibly put some energy toward attempting to get paid for writing, but I didn't do either of those things. Also, I missed blogging. So hopefully someone will still read this because otherwise I'm just talking to myself in written form. Which is not all that far from crazy. So, you ready for a ramblingly, random post of shit-I-haven't-spouted-since-I-haven't-blogged-in-weeks?

Good. Here we go.

At a training recently, the girl sitting next to me also had a 7 month old. What're the odds? Anyway, at one point she said, "Can I ask you something personal?" I held my breath preparing for a very personal question.
"Are you nursing?"
Really? That's personal? Since when? Last I checked I'm the girl you tell that you keep a dildo in your glovebox and like to be called "bitch" during sex. I'm the girl you ask about whether since you can get milk out of your breasts, you can also put milk into them. I'm the girl who's likely to tell you I just put my underwear on inside out this morning and by the way my name is Karin. And yeah, I'm nursing.

My head it has four corners
four corners has my head
and if it didn't have four corners
it wouldn't be my head!
This is what I've been singing to Magnus lately. Because I'm an asshole like that. Oh and because his head has 4 corners. I kiss them all the time. I'm a mom like that. How many cornbread muffins do you think I can eat? Sadly, I think the answer will be 4. Because I have 4 cornbread muffins. And I love them.
my mouth it has four muffins
four muffins has my mouth
and if it didn't have four muffins
it wouldn't be my mouth!

4 cornbread muffins is nothing compared to the number of brownies I can eat. I bet I could eat a whole pan if I was really trying. My boss makes these awesome brownies and I end up eating them all day in embarassing numbers. I'm not sure if its more embarassing that I eat so many or that I've done it so much that it doesn't give me a stomach ache like it would a normal person.

Magnus spends a lot of time on his belly lately. He also makes some awesome noises like that rasberry noise, constantly. While thrashing around on the floor. Sometimes he sees you and stops, mouth open and just stares at you for a second. Then he puts his mouth right into the carpet. I have NOT called him a carpet muncher when he does this. Not even once. See what a good mom I am?

I've been thinking about stuff lately. I don't mean ideas or theories, I mean belongings/things/STUFF. I hate how it piles up and you just accumulate more and more of it. I hate how I have the amount of stuff that fits in the space I have. You know how good it feels to have an empty closet? Fuck you if you do because you're better at not accumulating and shoving stuff into closets then. I hate how it weighs me down and makes it hard to move around.

It feels so good to purge all that stuff. Whenever I leave an adult protection referral where the person is a hoarder, it makes me want to grab a back pack, burn my house down and get on a plane. I think of the times when I've lived in other countries and just had a couple of suitcases and how happy and simplified my life has been. Wake, shower, dress, study, wander, exercise, nap, run, eat, rinse, repeat. Someday I think I'll retire and get rid of everything and just wander the world. You think?

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Lora said...

I like you more and more each day. Especially if your kid munches carpet.