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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wrapture your head with this material

The true winners today are the velociraptors.
Maybe that's what happened to the dinosaurs: there was a velocirapture.
It'd be sweet if there was a gangstarapture.
That'd be a good party tonight.
Way better than the saranrapture.
Quick, somebody make a joke about Christmaswrapture.
Clerk: Would you like that gift wraptured?
I don't give a crapture.
Its got to be at least 50% off gift wrapture paper today.
Wish I were a director so I could say "That's a wrapture!"
... and scene.


Lora said...

I laughed hard at this!

Jason said...

Sup Silly,
Well put togetherapture.
Almost good enough to fapture.
Keep up the great bloggerapture.
I'll be back for rapsure.

The Cheeky Daddy