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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This morning was a gray morning. It turned into a gray day. Not outside. Inside.

You know how you want to wear a nice gray pair of sweat pants on a rainy day? And gray socks, and gray sweatshirts and t-shirts look just extra comfy. Its not a good color for me. I don't care. I love formal clothes in gray. I can wear them to court and look professionallike but feel the comfy of my sweatpants in the color seeping through.

You know how the landscape fades to gray in the background? And hair fades to gray as we age? And details fade to gray as time goes by?

Its all perspective.

This woman I'm working with on an Adult Protection case, (this is after I've been spending the morning thinking about my gray day which by this time has turned bluebird on the outside... still gray on the inside,) she recommended a book to me that's all about how you decide who to allocate resources to: young vs. old. Possibility vs. who's earned it with all they've put in.

The book's called Shock of Gray. I'll have to let you know about that one. Maybe I'll wait till my hair catches up to my wrinkles and my insides.

But the outside is calling. It might pull me out yet will all that sunshine and activity. We'll see...

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