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Sunday, November 11, 2012

I get how the military keeps our government going and protects our government leaders.  I genuinely don't understand how they protect freedoms though.  I'm not trying to be a disrespectful asshole; I really don't get it.  It seems to me that dissenters and protestors, activists, lawyers and judges, and all those who exercise our freedoms, defend our freedoms.  Feel free to explain or defend your own position. 


CRM said...

I've always thought about this too. I don't think it means the same thing it used to. However, every Veteran's Day, the first person I think of is my grandfather who fought under Patton and was among the first soldiers to liberate the concentration camps in Germany. Every year, I thank him for his service and my freedom to be who I want to be and live freely as a Jew. In that respect, I feel he is very much responsible for our freedoms. But today's military...I don't know. I worry they are pawns in some fucked up games of some fucked up men. Sometimes, I don't really know for what they are fighting.

Swedish Skier said...

EXACTLY! WWII is the war that makes us want to thank veterans, NEED to thank veterans, but since then...? War is not moral, but our study of it is sets us up to believe that it is and our country's role is somehow this moral high ground. But I really don't see how the modern military is defending my freedoms.