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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Magnus Lately

Magnus is about to turn three.  He is well aware.  Apparently you're supposed to teach them to sing the ABCs while washing hands but I taught him to sing "Happy Birthday" instead.  He always knows whose birthday is next as a result.  And his is next.  He will have cake.  And ice cream.  And presents.  And friends.  And no you can't eat all his cake.  But he'll give you some.  I might be close to as excited about it as he is if I'm really honest about it. 

My mom's got a foreign exchange student from Sweden and he and I were trying to teach Magnus to sing "Happy Birthday" in Swedish.  Magnus tried for a while singing "ja ma han leva" several times and then switching to "boring, boring," before returning to just singing "LA LA LA," at the top of his lungs.

Gavin loves to sing.  He also loves to eat paper.  Correction, he loves to choke on paper.  He tears small pieces from pages and then you hear him hacking and have to pry is gums open to sweep the pulp from his little 7-month-old mouth.  Stinker.  He does not love sleeping.  I don't know why my kids don't love sleeping. 

In other news, I'm finally returning to working on my novel since finishing it, oh, six years ago and then never rereading it again.  I finally reread it.  It needs work.  The premise is good though.  I'll give it a go.  More on that later.

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