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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How hard to hit

So at the bar the other night in St. Louis (I'm visiting my wonderful old friends and family,) we're talking. PPP is talking about how much she loves some new $750,000 microscope and says she loves it more than her daughter and while she starts to explain why I pop her on the top of the head.

It makes a really loud noise. And the guy who owns the bar and is PPP's friend's jaw drops. (He's never met me before and I like to make an *impression*)

I apologize to a laughing PPP, and he says "No I think that's exactly the strength of hit that comment warranted."
"Yeah, I know just how hard you're supposed to hit. I work for Social Services."

Like I said, I like to make and *impression*

1 comment:

ppp said...

In all fairness... it is a REALLY cool microscope. I'd get hit over and over again for that microscope. I would run into a burning building to save it.