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Monday, January 23, 2012

It finally snowed. Its been a pretty snow-free ski season thus far. Which honestly didn't bother me too much since I was working a lot and it would just mean more shoveling then. But now that I'm unemployed... snow's good. Its reminding me who I am. How good I feel rushing down a mountain. How confident. Strong. Smooth.
I skied 3 days in a row and 2 of them were with one of my favorite old riding friends.
I got up yesterday and shoveled, made coffee and was off. Right before I left, Magnus said "snow."
I took a few runs where ski patrol dropped ropes and I got fresh glorious deep turns. Skiing powder is the single best thing in the world.
Right before I dropped into my run, as the patroller dropped the rope, he said "Let 'er rip!"
"Thanks, I think I will."


Anonymous said...

You need to disconnect from Blog "Jane You Ignorant Slut".

My malware went nuts coming here to Ski, and that name came popping up to leave here. I isolated the hassle for ME; your other viewers may not know how or have decent malware protection.
No posts in a year attract spammers, malware, hackers, and devious internet types.

Get rid of the entire Blog.

Magnus will thank you one day as he reads about all your life skills in this time period....down the road.
Malware will make it all crash and disappear long before then.

Your call.

Silly Swedish Skier Says So said...

Thanks so much for figuring that out and commenting. I've deleted that blog so hopefully that fixes it. Malware is just so annoying. I completely fail to understand why a person would want to develop that kind of shit. I must say, I'm very curious who you are that you would go to such considerate and great lengths to find out what's wrong with my blog but not have an identity when you comment. If you see this, please tell me who you are. If not, I'm sending my appreciation out just the same.

Anonymous said...

On your blog, "Shit No One Tells You", you asked the Male Perspective on Sex about a year ago.

An Anonymous replied.

You replied to that and said:

Silly Swedish Skier Says So Jan 13, 2011 11:55 AM
I'm in love with whoever this anonymous commenter is. Wish I knew. But kind of love the not knowing too.

That would be ME.

I visit infrequently, and lately, my malware identifies the blog you removed as "quarantined" on my end.
I have gone through much hassle with malware and crashes previously.

Note; If no posts show up on a blog, hackers and spammers go there like a bug to a light.
I have bug zappers.
You need only eliminate inactive blogs.

For the record, your site is now clean.

I will let you enjoy the "But kind of love the not knowing too"....still.

Thanks Swedish!
Tack (thanks)
Tackar så mycket (thanks a lot)