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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Someone was selling a Love Sac on Craigslist.  Just makes me laugh.  Love sac, yeah, yea.  I'm heading down, the atlanta highway... lookin for a love getaway!  Headed for lu-uv getaway!  Well the Love Sac is a little ole place where...
I almost emailed to ask if it was hairy.  Huh, huh.  I put my hairy Love Sac on Craigslist.


crm said...

Did I ever tell you I was once a photographer? One time I shot an event sponsored by love sac and they gave me a t shirt and a bag with that written on it. Good times.

crm said...

PS with that said I don't even know what a love sac is. That kind anyway.

Swedish Skier said...

I knew you were a photographer. I didn't know you did *that kind* of photography;)

A Beer for the Shower said...

I'd be more worried that they're selling a sex cushion on Craigslist. "Minimal stains - $100 off!"

Wow, what a deal!!