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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Good ideas happen sometimes mid-bitch

You ever realize you just have a different perspective than other people?

I was talking to Rob last night about my annoyance with my foot. (I just had a minor foot surgery that has made walking a right pain in the ass.) We'd been running errands in order to attempt to put up shelving in our living room and Target had been particularly grueling. Target is huge, especially so when you limp. I was passed on the way out by an ancient, white-haired woman with a cane. I'm not even making this up. She was all bent over and under 5 feet and everything. AND PASSED ME!

Sometimes I cheer myself up mid-bitch. So as I was complaining, I started problem solving.

"I think it'd be easier to bike than walk right now. I bet I could do it. Ooooh, maybe I could get a little tricycle and carry it around at work and everywhere and wouldn't that be fun?!"


My husband just gave me a look and made some comment about how only I would think of using a tricycle for transportation. Not a wheelchair, or crutches, but a trike.

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Anonymous said...

Funny as hell, you are! Laughing out loud with your posts! Thank you! And thanks for visiting my blog and posting on the "no children" blog of mine! Yep, the head tilt gets me every time! Looking forward to reading more from you...and if you go with the tricycle, get some pics! :D