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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ever notice how midgets on TV are only in entertainment. They're actors or porn stars or wrestlers. No midgets are just boring accountants or childcare providers or bank tellers. So I started thinking, "What job lends itself well to being a midget?" And the answer I came up with is, tailor for hemming and midwife for baby catching. In both cases the height thing would be a real advantage.

In other news, did you know you could spell tepees "tipis." I want to pronounce that tea piss. Which I think makes a good urban dictionary word for the dribble of pee men don't bother to wipe off the end of their wangs when they pee. Or a midget dingle.

Happy Hump Day, ya'll!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your curiosity made me Google midget employment.

Rent-a-Midget is currently seeking little people for employment in the fields of catering and party services. Activities can include, but are not limited to: midget tossing, midget wait staff, and midget strip shows.

I am not sure about tossing a midget or stripping 'em,...
(what's to see?) but as waiter or waitress, they would be unintrusive, if they could carry the goblets of water.

Never leave a midget tip though.
They work hard.

Midgets could also do TSA work, staring at naked traveler images, or doing pat downs.

School busses should hire midgets too to drive the kids. Midgets would fit right in with their riders.

Like alligators, midgets run far faster than you would expect. So never yell at one:
"Midget Midget You're a midget".

He will chase you and catch you!
But I don't know what else he would do.
Maybe a small lecture.

As for wang dribble, most guys just give it the hokey-pokey and shake it all about! One proceeds thereafter, drip free, but ready to perk.

Check the front of his underwear if you have doubts. This could be a dating dealbreaker to see yellow in the front.

And I am getting tired of seeing the gals in our urinals. Who wants to hokey pokey their wang drip with this around??