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Friday, February 1, 2008

Each Felled Sparrow

I remember running in a world with only family

My feet pouncing on the asphalt

My step father, the night before, agreeing to a spontaneous race after dinner

His heavy work boots whapping

A time when god knew me before I was born

When he knew each sparrow that fell

I saw a felled bird on my path

Through the smoky mountains

I watched as it rose suddenly from its side

And flew

I wonder if god knew?

I wonder if I will rise from the deaths around me

Shake off the stunned silence of falling

Descending into nothing

Sleeping without dreams

Will I wake and fly?

How will I continue down my path without all those people to ask for directions

Those people who like god knew me before I was a thought

Who like god loved and watched me fall and learn to walk

Will I wake and fly?

Will I wake and fly?

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