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Monday, February 11, 2008

Friday Quotes

FRIDAY quotes!

"If it sucks ever again- I am not driving until it un-sucks!"

"Let's see how long before 50 cent uses a word with more than two syllables. Oh and Escalade and motherfucker don't count. Proper nouns if you will."

"I once said "that's so gay" in front of my gay dad. I wanted to crawl inside my own skin and die."

"It moved me in ways I can't describe to you.

Probly in the butt area"

"Gay men took some good things, like rainbows and parades. You know what!? I really like rainbows. I'm takin em back."

"Man, I rode my ass and my balls off.

What's gonna be left for Tina?

There's one thing left for Tina."

"Your poems are good

Your poems are great

Leave me alone

Or I will call the police

Its kind of like a haiku but without regard for syllables"

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