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Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Quotes

“I think I might have PMS.
Well… I’m bloated, feel fat, ate a lot of chocolate today, and I’m crying.”

“For dinner, what about… rotinni with rotinni with white sauce with ground beef and tomatoes, and waffle fries.”

“Something about a gay guy from Howard Dean’s campaign talking about the battle ground in Idaho just struck me funny”

“So I looked on our meeting room schedule today at the library and it read: Central California Hookers. Hmm, and I thought the meeting rooms were for not-for-profit groups only.”

“A judge has denied an Iowa man’s claim that he shouldn’t have been fired for repeatedly requesting help to procure a prostitute.”

”I saw a commercial tonight where the world was covered in bubble wrap and it made me think of you :)
I swell with pride.”

“I picked him up at his dorm the other day.
At least you didn’t have to pick him up from his mother’s basement. Or wait, will you have to do that over the summer?”

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Gina said...

You made me laugh!