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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What the hell?

Why are small towns afraid of terrorists that have never heard of them?
Why are authors all suddenly writing without punctuationitsannoyinglikenotusingspacing
Why don't professors prepare for their classes instead of relying on the shitty powerpoint slides provided by the publishers!
And why can't I have a goddamned electric car!

1 comment:

Brianne Snow said...

Brad and I (finally) watched Who Killed the Electric Car? last night. So sad...
And yet so typical.

People are annoying.
I sit at a lot of meeting where people use Powerpoint to present a topic and sit there and read me the slides...offering no other info than reading what is already in front of me. It drives me nuts. just email me the Powerpoint and call it a day...don't make me drive over to Frisco (or Denver, for that matter) to hear you read. I am capable of reading. Ugh.

Guess I am a little annoyed too. Sorry bout that! :)