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Friday, March 5, 2010

Calling the police

I'm mildly freaking out. I'm not really the call-the-police-on-people type. But my neighbors just keep having these awful fights. I hear them yelling, well mostly her yelling. Then there are these awful banging noises. And I don't know if they're throwing shit against the walls or each other around or what.

I just get so anxious every time they do it. My hear trate skyrockets every time. It makes me shake a little. I can't sleep for worrying.

The last time was very early in the morning. Maybe around 5 am. From my bedroom (which shares no walls with their home, I might add,) I heard what I would swear was a person falling down a flight of stairs. I went next door and knocked on their door. No answer. But I could hear voices.

So I left. They were clearly both ok. The problem is I work for social services. And exposure to DV is child abuse in this state. And they have 2 little kids. And I just think, if I'm shaking because you're banging something against the walls so hard my pictures are shaking, what must their kids feel like?

But still. We share walls. Its a duplex. Its not like they won't know who called. And we have to continue to share walls. They seem like otherwise nice folks. And I hate to think of the police hassling them. But I also hate to think that they're fighting like this and what if someone gets really hurt. Or what if one of them is already victimized and needs some help righting things/getting out/getting help.

Oh and the baby's going to be sharing walls with them too. My baby, I mean. I'd appreciate if they could cut this shit out in time for me to have a baby sleeping that could be woken by the banging of its crib against the walls.


Christina said...

maybe calling the police is best. Especially if they are thowing things. Next time, they will keep it in mind before getting out of control for dramatic's sake.

Silly Swedish Skier Says So said...

Thanks, that's what I'm hoping for. I just hate conflict with people I hardly know AND have to live right next door to. I've had this problem before and always called the police but then I didn't own the place.

Anonymous said...

Or - the WALL banging against the child's crib! mja

Lora said...

call the police.

Judith said...

Well, they are disturbing the peace. And you have a stressful enough job. You deserve that peace. Agree? Call the police non-emergency number next time it happens.

Kristina said...

Wow, it looks like it has been said for me. But omg- that is NOT okay. Moreover, if it is actually as bad as you describe, ANYONE might have called.