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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Motorcycle Lessons Over 60

My mom got in a motorcycle accident. She was driving. Taking lessons.

My mom married this really awesome man. She talked him into doing all kinds of things for himself that he never would have before knowing her.

When they met, for example, he drove an old sedan and started it with a wrench and because he's that mechanical type, he could've kept it running forever. And he would have. Even if he had the money. I'm not sure he believed he deserved nice things. But she talked him into buying himself a really nice truck.

She also talked him into buying himself a really nice Harley. He'd always wanted one. And they went for rides quite a bit. They loved it.

But then this awesome man died. And every time my mom thought about selling the Harley, she cried. Finally she sold the truck instead. And with the money, she bought a sidecar for the Harley in order to be able to drive it herself.

So she was taking lessons. But she's over 60. Learning the balance, and habits necessary isn't the easiest then. So yesterday she crashed. Left in an ambulance. She was joking and nice with her black and blue face and broken arm. Left arm.

Until... they said they'd have to cut off her wedding ring. She lost it. And flat out refused. She iced and worked it off her hand, because she was far too afraid to cut through the inscription on the wedding ring of her dead husband.

It makes me all teary eyed. I can imagine my mom beginning to heave in an ambulance about her wedding ring and all it represents. You can't cut through that. She's already been cut in half just by losing him. You just can't. They had a beautiful love and I'm glad at least that symbol of it got to stay whole. Even if her arm didn't. Even if it put a little crack in her resolve.

So I hope she heals her broken places inside and out and gets right back on that motorcycle.

(I should also mention that her plan is to put her 3 legged golden retriever in the sidecar when she's driving around. She's got someone working on developing a harness to seatbelt him in.)


Anonymous said...

YOU are awesome! Thanks for your understanding and support.

Judith said...

I love how the story ends with your mom planning to be back on the motorcycle and the 3 legged dog in the sidecar.