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Sunday, March 28, 2010

More Fun than a Barrel of Monkeys

I'm reading all these books on pregnancy and babies and I have to say the writing is just awful. Half of them spend so much time telling you what they're going to tell you and why they're going to tell you that I'm ready to shake them by the throat and say "Spit that shit out, already!!!" So my skimming skills are in use to say the least.

This morning I read a couple hundred pages (see skimming) of a book on the Bradley method, a natural childbirth method. I might add, that I have not found the Bradley method yet. So far its just info on getting pregnant and the structure of the body. Which is where I get into the terms they use. They call it the "vaginal barrel." They have a diagram of 2 different "vaginal barrels." One is engorged (excited about welcoming a certain type of guest.) The other is regular styles. I think the engorged one should be referred to as a "vaginal barrel of monkeys."

barrel of monkeys

It also mentions that if there is no climax that the "vaginal barrel of monkeys" can remain in a state of "general crabbiness," as a result. Nobody wants a crabby vaginal barrel of monkeys.

The book also talks about a "birth climax." Basically saying many women have an orgasm at the end of child birth. Do any of you know about this? Is this a real thing? Anyone had one? I simply must know.

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me said...

It is not common but does happen...