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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Grease the "bottom" of the pan

A number of months ago, I bought a frozen apple pie for Rob. I don't bake, I don't like hot fruit, but I love my husband. And he loves pie. So I bought a simple toss in the oven Sara Lee pie for him. One evening I come into the kitchen and notice has started baking it. I turn the light on and peek when I realize that he has taken the pie OUT of the tin to bake it!

"Rob! You're not supposed to take it out of the tin to bake it!"
"Why would you take it OUT of the tin to bake? You've MADE a pie before from scratch!"

He is completely NOT embarrassed and utterly self-assured that his pie will turn out beautifully. I'm now laughing hysterically as he tries to put the partially baked pie BACK into the tin to finish baking.

"Shut up. It'll work." He tells me as he finesses is back into the tin and shuts the oven door.

It totally reminds me of that wives tale about the newly wed woman who literally greases the bottom of the pan.

He is successful and takes his pie out 30 minutes later.

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He piles vanilla ice cream on top and he eats it, very pleased with himself indeed.


ppp said...

Ask him about froaching... its the best way to remove non stic coating from a pan using eggs

Kelly said...

When I'm tired or a lil' fried, I'll accidentally NOT take the cardboard out from underneath a frozen pizza before stickin it in the oven. Btw, that pie looks better than I thought it would turn out. LOL.

Anonymous said...

tasty!! Tell Rob he can cook for the blind!!