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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesdays' Weirdos: Le-A Mama

A woman came in to her child's school complaining that all the teachers were pronouncing her child's name wrong. The teachers and the principal passed the written name between them "Le-A." Each professional hunched over the name and attempted a pronunciation for the very large, frustrated mother.

Exasperated, she yelled "THE DASH AIN'T SILENT! ITS LA DASH UH!"

Making her this week's Wednesday's Weirdo: Le-A's Mama


bri said...

wow. that one takes the cake...speaking of cake, saw this and thought of you.
(see next comment)

bri said...
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bri said...

Gina said...

Aw shit, grrrrrl. Is that forreal? PS Bri!!! I lurve cakewrecks.

bri said...

I have an addiction to that site...and this one.

Silly Swedish Skier Says So said...

I'm sooo using that whenever people say we're pregnant. "Oh no, I'm sorry we're not pregnant, we're knocked up."
I LIKE it!