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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday Weirdo: Lovely Lips

wednesdsay weirdo
On Wednesdays I (sometimes) post an example of a strange person, or group of people that I've encountered, been told about, or read about. Guest submissions are welcome and can be sent to

So Wednesday Weirdos started out as being strange people but now it may have morphed into me just telling you fucked up stories I hear.
At a school recently, the teachers were talking about crazy tattoos the parents of the students had come in with. They were all moaning about this woman who'd come in with a tattoo that read "Property of Ray" and was stamped on her forearm.
The principal was quietly listening, waiting for her to top this story.

She said, get this, she'd had a mother of a student come in for parent teacher conferences and show her a tattoo. Not just any tattoo, just any place.
But a tattoo on the inside of her lower lip that read
"DICK" with an arrow pointing inside her mouth.
The mom explained that her husband's name was Richard so that must clear it all up, no?
lip tattoo
Making her this week's Wednesday Weirdo: Lovely Lips.


Lora said...

well, the good thing (?) is those lip tattoos actually fade away rather quickly.

the bad thing (?) if you can see it she probably got it recently.

all of a sudden my cat skull and crossbones idea doesn't seem so vulgar (I want it to signify my time spent -I hate to say battle- with cervical cancer.

Silly Swedish Skier Says So said...
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