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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The BEST picture

I took the best picture of Rob in the bath tub reading a community organizing textbook and he won't let me keep it. He says I have to delete it even though you can even see any junk or anything. Its from the book up if you know what I mean... Not only that, but he's actually smiling in the picture. A real Rob smile, not that weird face he normally makes when he sees a camera that's somewhere between scared and needing to poop while fake smiling at the god awful dickie your grandmother just gave you for your Birthday. No this picture has a genuine smile in it. Its absolutely the most excellent picture.
"But, but... pleeeeaaseee, that's why I love you."
"No delete it. Right now."
"But (whining now) please."
"But, Why?"

Booooo. I told him if he asked me again in an hour, I'd delete it. I might cry.


Brianne Snow said...

Don't let em bully you...blow the pic up to life-size. Then hang it at the break room in FIRC. Ah, the sweet smell of embarrassment.

Gina... said...

"even though you can't see any junk"...omg, priceless.

Silly Swedish Skier Says So said...

I would but the only way he'd let me keep it was if I promised not to post it on the internet. Hmmm though I did not promise not to hang it at work....