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Friday, May 9, 2008


Looking off in the distance

Off away from the firepit

And the future

Off in another world

Fireflies flick through earthen scented blackness

Cicadas buzz


Raise me up out of myself, my house, my chaos

Toward a now I haven’t felt

A now that fills all the velvet places

With white enamel liberty

Ability to chase dark places

Play flashlight tag

chase each other through the night

Laughing and panting with the grasses in the fields and the stars in the sky

Lightning bug go-betweens wearing dark purple ties

The memory floods my mind with twinkling first stars

Liberates my orgasm from snares

Splashes of an entire paint can poured smooth

With deliberate action against the sky

Poured pain like silhouette

Off cliffs against darkening skies

Hair flowing freely underwater

Neck relaxed, head back

Smooth splashing melodies in the Straits of Anian

Poured set free like orgasms’ song released to the sky

A fabled sexual encounter

Liberated into the pages of the real world

Real cells

Real signals flashed across the mind


Blazing through grasses in the fields

And stars in the sky

Flicking lizards skittering across

Sounds bounced off



The walls of caves cut into

The sides of jokes slaps



Between legs sprawled wide across boulders

Holding down the earth

From joining the sky

The river whispered to it

As you paddled a slab of land along the river

Said… “I reflect the sky

Shining off blue eyes.

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