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Friday, May 9, 2008

Escalante's Upheaval

Escalante still hasn't gotten to go skiing yet, but let go control of my blog when we agreed to take him to Moab with us. Turns out he had his own agenda. Escalante can smuggle ungodly sized objects in his mouth. His plan had to do with a group of lizzards and skinks in Upheaval Dome who he's convinced are part of "la resistencia". I think there may be some confusion over the word "upheaval" He told us that the lizzards long ago rose up against the railroad blasting and the crows and created upheaval dome in a feat of reptilian cooperation! He brought them tools to help continue the fight. He promised to bring something mightier than a plastic knife next time.

contraban from escalante

I think he just scared the tiny little lizzard on the rock in the upper right hand side. Poor guy.

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