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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Why I shouldn't go to state-run trainings

I'm just getting back from Adult Protection Services training. I do not have the attention span to sit still for more than about 8 minutes, unless I am reading a novel, playing the piano (wait that's not still,) or writing (also not sitting still.) Ok, so I can read, but that's it.

Instead I made pipe cleaner imaginary animals with the lady sitting next to me and thought of names for them.

This is Bjorn.

for blog 122

This is Romulus, his trusty steed.

for blog 123

Sadly, Bjorn's head was too big and heavy for him to ride Romulus.

So we made him Steve.

for blog 126

Steve is strong for his frame and has wings.

I tuned back in for a minute while we were discussion what to do with Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith is losing his appetite and is also losing weight as a result. His wife passed away 5 years ago and his social life has suffered. We were to come up with services.

"Our group wanted to get him meals on wheels."
"Maybe you could get him one meal a day at the senior center."
"But what if he doesn't want to go?"
Me- "I heard Ms. Johnson's a floozy."

What? It might get him there.

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