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Sunday, September 7, 2008

101 list

I hear for your 100th post you're supposed to put up a list of 100 truths about you or something. I missed 100, so here's 101. Some confessions, some silly, some just tidbits... hope its worth a read

1. The first thing I do when I check into a hotel room is still to jump on the bed.

2. Mooning people on a major thoroughfare is a good way to cause an accident.

3. I won't explain how I know that.

4. Mooning a lineup of cars behind you out of a convertible on the way out of the senior talent show is a good way to make everyone think you're drunk when you're not.

5. I have taken a shower in the rain in my driveway back in the Lou.

6. More than once.

7. Swimming laps is a good way to clean out your sinuses

8. You can't think about it too hard.

6. When I was 7, my mom made me my very own ice skating rink in the back yard.

7. I still remember her coming into the kitchen to thaw her hands out after holding the hose over it.

8. I was guiltily happy she didn't ask me to help her with that part.

9. I buried my whiffle ball bat in the frame we made with packed snow (I helped with that part) and it made a slight bump in the rink.

10. We threw a party there and hung up white lights all around it.

11. I got in trouble for taking too long when we went to the neighbor's house to look for more sizes of skates.

12. During the flood of 93 I mud wrestled in the receding flood waters at Creve Coeur Park.

13. Twice

14. Afterwards, I took a shower in the rain.

15. I can pee on a ski slope in my one piece with my skis still on.

16. Its tricky, not peeing ON my skis.

17. Many of the people I spend the most time thinking about are dead

18. I could have been one of them.

19. I attempted suicide when I was 17

20. I'm still ashamed.

21. At workshops and trainings about suicide, I remind people that not everyone gives out warning sides ahead of time.

22. I don't tell them how I know.

23. Its because I want people to think I'm strong.

24. And tough.

25. I lost my virginity when I was 16.

26. The boy was really surprised and thought it was this great privilege.

27. I broke up with him afterwards.

28. Because I didn't want to do it again.

29. 2 years later he went to jail for dealing coke.

30. I have never done coke or other hard drugs because I'm afraid I would like it too much.

31. I'm not sure if I believe in god or not.

32. But I have a lot of faith.

33. I think the only thing I wouldn't survive is losing Rob

34. I worry it might happen for that very reason

35. I have panic attacks, although very rarely now.

36. I am very uncomfortable in large groups of people.

37. In college I got through parties by finding the drunkest guy I could and thinking of silly things to suggest to him to do.

38. Its hard to have an anxiety attack while someone sings I'm a little teapot while doing a headstand.

39. I got a guy to do naked cartwheels through a field.

40. I was annoyed it was dark because you couldn't see his junk flop while he did it. I pretend it would have swung around like the whistle on the fingers of a lifeguard.

41. I fractured my skull when I was 10 riding my bike with a neighbor.

42. I was afraid to ride a bike for a long time.

43. Now I like it, but I still don't wear a helmet.

44. I wear a helmet when I ski

45. I once heard it hit a cliff as I fell head over foot for 150 yards.

46. I broke a nail.

47. And my skis.

48. I went skiing the next morning.

49. Skiing is better than biking

50. I knew I wanted to marry Rob before I ever kissed him.

51. He thought he'd have to talk me into marriage.

52. In the summer, I miss skinny dipping in apartment pools at night.

53. I've only done it once in the mountains

54. The only reason I didn't freeze was because I was hammered.

54. I never found my shirt afterwards.

55. I like climbing trees when I've been drinking

56. I have NO idea how many times I've done it.

57. I find it annoying that whatever a girl wears means something

58. How are men surprised then that it takes so long to get dressed?

59. I once had a seizure at a soccer tournament

60. My roommate at the time held my head down so I wouldn't bang it

61. I pulled all the muscles in my neck because of it

62. I already hated her a little before that

63. Sometimes, deep down, I think I'm lying about having seizures, I feel like I should be able to stop them since I'm awake.

64. I feel guilty every time I have one.

65. Sometimes when I hug my niece or rough house with my nephew, it makes me want to have a baby.

66. Then I think about vacations and sleeping in with Rob and I change my mind.

67. I had a water balloon fight at work once

68. We all tried to get the principal.

69. When she quit I was mad she hadn't let us hit her.

70. I still miss that job almost every day.

71. Insomnia has made me find ways of entertaining myself

72. My old favorite is sticking peanut butter or other condiments to people and using it as glue to hold paper, popcorn, chips and other things.

73. I used to have insomnia friends, (James Brown) who would randomly show up and hang out.

74. Now I have the internet.

75. Part of me wants a big wild fire to sweep through the mountains

76. Then the pine beetles would be gone

77. But the real reason I want the fire is so the mountains will be green again in summer

78. My biggest goal is to have something I write published

79. I've promised myself never to write about a writer

80. I find this annoying as a reader and think its a cop out for writers who would otherwise have to picture themselves/their characters in other professions.

81. I think one of the greatest things in the world is a book that sucks you into reading it from cover to cover in 1 sitting, and the day off that allows you to do it.

82. I'm too vain to get into sports like cycling

83. I refuse to wear a bright yellow jersey and painted on shorts.

84. I don't care how practical it is for the sport, or how good the sport is for your knees

85. I hated running when I started

86. I only did it so I could feel like I had control over my body

87. When I crossed the finish line after my first marathon, I cried

88. It was the single most triumphant moment of my life.

89. Rob and I took a first time home buyers class

90. The only reason I'd want to buy a place is so I could get a dog

91. And write on the walls.

92. I like learning foreign languages

93. It gives me a new game for talking to myself in my mind, its like a fun brain exercise.

94. It also makes eavesdropping interesting in a whole new way

95. When I came back from Sweden, I couldn't remember how to speak German any more, even though I understood it.

96. I had too many credits to take lower levels though. For weeks everyone in my 300 level German class thought I was from Sweden.

97. Part of me wished I hadn't corrected them afterwards.

98. I'm allergic to some spermacides

99. I found out the hard way

100. My boyfriend at the time had to call the pharmacist to find out what to do. I laughed and cried while I trying to pee in a bathtub of warm water.

101. I'm glad I don't have to think of any more of these things.


Brianne Snow said...

I have been meaning to comment on this. It looks fun to do...and you are very cool to put it out there for all of us to understand who you are...better than we do. Thanks for sharing. ;)

Anonymous said...

Most of those things, I already knew. Like taking a shower in the rain - I did it with you!! Arrested for coke, huh, I thought the first was. . .
as for attempted, honey, you just don't know how grateful I am that you called me. Now it is time to forgive yourself, my incredible daughter. OOOO, MOM

muskrat said...

wow! good list. i did that a week or so ago, too. i think yours was better, however, as i was quite close to being intoxicated by the time i finished mine.