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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Diving Board

So on Sunday I went with some friends to Glenwood Springs where there was a diving board! Yipeeee!!! I am 7. I was standing in line with tons of 8 year olds, plus my friends, when a little boy asked me "Will you do the back flip again?" Oh so cute.
"Of course."
Then as time went on and I watched the boys, I wanted to learn new tricks. This did not go as well. I was attempting to cork a front flip. Hmmm. I am not 7, I am 29 and when I hit the water with my fucking hips and thighs, it hurts. Do I stop? No. Here is the evidence. A normal person would have stopped after the first bruise, but no it is a series of at least three connected bruises.

for blog 007

Meowmix thinks my thigh is the perfect place to sleep, I've spent all week flopping back and forth between sleeping ON that bruise and fighting the cat from stepping on that bruise.
Tina took video of us flopping off the diving board, if I get ahold of any stupid moves of mine, I'll be sure to post them:)


Brianne Snow said...

I had a good laugh reminiscing Brad's injury from Glenwood (that sounds mean). We are currently looking for the photo evidence. I laughed more than Brad on this one. He remembered how bad it hurt...

Anonymous said...

I ususally just refer to my bruises as part of my colorful personality. Like mother, like daughter!