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Friday, February 6, 2009


"Sorry. Sometimes I forget I'm punching girls."

"joined the group Can we find 200,000 by 2/12 to wish Darwin a happy 200th birthday?"
"I'd prefer..."Can we punch 200,000 creationists in the back of the head by 2/12 to wish Darwin a happy 200th birthday?"

"I don't know how much of a hook-up you can have for a monster truck show."

"The lady who already had 8 kids and then had a litter of 6 more. 14 kids! Rob, we don't even have 14 plates!"

"Wait a minute, I think you might really be elbow-licking soulmates."

"something you would shoot: Racists. But only with a ray of happy joy-light from my sawed-off shotgun of eternal truth and harmony."

"I certainly don’t drag my genitals over the food.” Gross! I think “genital dragging” is much less appetizing than “doodle dipping,” don’t you?"

"I just can't eat a cow. I'll eat a chicken's adrenal gland, but I can't do a cow's."

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