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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesdays' Weirdos: Buffalo Unloader

So my neighbor stopped me when I was coming in on Sunday because he had some beetle kill wood he really wanted to sell me. Its getting toward the end of the nights where we need to use the fireplace though so I was reluctant. I told him I'd check with Rob and Rob, being a sucker, agreed to purchase more wood than we need.

Encouraged, my neighbor, began pitching us all the things he'd gotten in a recent foreclosure and wanted to sell us. He told us about the "really nice" furniture he had that he would sell for around $300. The couch puked pink and green floral patterns into my eyes from his cell phone screen. It looked a little like this:


only it had pine logs for arms. Real comfy.

He scrolled through pictures of furniture he'd like to sell us, (I'd already told him we didn't need any,) and came upon some pictures I thought must be unrelated until he said, "I've got buffalo heads!" all excited-like.


Yup Buffalo heads, making him this weeks' Wednesday Weirdo: Buffalo Unloader

(He's really a very nice man who offers to move our cars for us when we're out of town when it snows, but he's also a guy who comes into your living room and tries to sell you a Buffalo head.)


Gina said...

Buffalo heads? Really? You should take pictures of stuffed human heads and go to his house and try to sell them. Then snap a pic of his face and post it on your blog.

Anonymous said...

What??!! No Wednesday Weirdo this week. My week is incomplete!!

Silly Swedish Skier Says So said...

I don't always have a Wednesday Weirdo. Sometimes I feel too bad about the person I'm thinking of and get really fixed on them. Like when you read a clue wrong in the crossword but then you can't stop thinking of the answer you WANT it to be. I think I have one for next week though.